Foreign Affairs Breakfast with Kafkas NGOs

13 03 2010

In 13 March 2010 Istanbul Youth Assembly hosted Kafkas NGOs for a breakfast in Yıldız Parkı . Murat Daudov ,Marmara Municipalities Union Director of EU and International Relations Center, cited the importance of local governments and youth organisations in public diplomacy.

Foreign Affairs and Turism Commision that was created by renewed Istanbul Youth Assembly in 2009, has started hosting different NGOs from various regions. Commision’s first guest were Kafkas Association, Şamil Association, Kafkas Culture Association, Kafkas-Çeçen Culture Association and the representatives of other NGOs.

In the meeting that was planned as a breakfast, guest were informed about the activities of the Youth Assembly and it has been pointed out that works of NGOs related to culture and youth is very important.

Representatives of the associations that attended the breakfast has cited that youth actions has a great potential in building strong companionship between publics and countries.

Murat Daoudov has talked about their attempts in the area of international relationships and local diplomacy of Marmara Municipalities Union and added to his conversation that activities of the union from Middle East to the Balkans, from Blacksea To Mediterranean has a great contribution to the international politics of Turkey because of the fact that local governments has a big impact on the public stemming from the close relations. He has also cited that youth organisations have a similar potential and expressed his wishes that partnership of municipalities and youth organisations would increase due to the fact that it is  very important for the success in the international arena.




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