IYA meeting with the Turkish States’s and African Students

3 04 2010

In 3rd April 2010, Istanbul Youth Assembly (IYA) , Commission of Foreign Affairs  came together at the breakfast in Municipality’s Presidency building with our Turkish and African friends who live and study in Istanbul . This was 2nd Fellowship Breakfast of our Fellowship Meetings program.

At the breakfast, Muğla Representative and Member of Turkish Parliament Yüksel Özden, the President of Bab-I Alem Association Mr. Veysel Başar, the President of Youth Assembly Muzaffer Demir and the members of the commission assembled. Firstly Muzaffer Demir had a greeting speech ,then a short presentation of IYA has been made by members of Foreign Affairs Commission. While all participants were having their breakfast, our projects and other on-going issues of our commission were introduced. After breakfast, Mr. Özden and Mr. Başar made speechs. The mentioned titles were the importance of Turkey, globalization and the need of the world for our values of civilization.

It was midday when the meeting has ended with warm regards. IYA’s gifts to guests have been given by IYA members. Both participants wished a continuing collaboration while leaving.

It is an important indication for our guests introducing themselves, for us introducing ourselves, coming all together for a common purpose and for the establishment of closed relationship among the youth assembly and the youth who belong to the same nation.




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