Istanbul Youth Assembly meets with Armenian Youth

10 04 2010

As the 3rd of Fellowship Breakfasts according to Fellowship Meetings Program of IYA(Istanbul Youth Assembly) Foreign Affairs Commission was held 10th April in Zeytinburnu social facilities. Participants from Armenian Patriarch’s youth commission and Dear V.Rev.Fr. Tatoul Anoushin from Patriarch joined our breakfast.

While we are waiting for guests, we had a conversation with dear Tatoul. At 11:00 the breakfast began with Istanbul Youth Assembly’s presentation. Just after presentation Foreign Affairs’s Chairman had a speech about purpose of these breakfasts. Then questions were answered about IYA. Jerry Şadyan, chairman of the youth commission of the Patriarch explained about their structure and future visions. During the breakfast a warm conversation had gone. As IYA, we explained our on-going and future’s projects. We discussed about how we can interact with each other, today’s student problems and social issues. Breakfast had gone approximately 1,5 hours.

Finally we took a photo together, to keep this warm meeting in mind. Our gift bags have given to our guests while we were serving our best wishes to each other. We invited all youth commission of Patriarch to Istanbul Youth Assembly.




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