IYA meets guests from Harvard University

12 05 2010

Istanbul Youth Assembly (IYA) meets the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs of Harvard University…

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Youth Assembly hosted the participants from Weatherhead Center for International Affairs (WCFIA), Harvard University. The participants were involved in ‘The Fellows Program’ of WCFIA and characteristically selected among high-profiled business professionals, diplomats, bureaucrat and so on. The fellows have begun their visit in Istanbul and were accompanied by the Boston Turkish Culture Center and the Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey.

The delegation has left Boston for Istanbul last week. On 9th of May, we have met with them and held a youth panel in the headquarters of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The event was launched by a high level discussion on Turkish politics and the very hot topics of the international affairs such as Turkey’s accession to the European Union, the relations of Turkey with Iran, Turkey’s particular role in between the Middle East and Europe etc… from the vantage point of youth. Since the fellows were of a highly diversified origins, the panel has suddenly turned out to be an international multi-disciplinary brainstorming session. Then another presentation about ‘Istanbul: The European Capital of Culture, 2010′ was given out upon the request.

After ending the session, we walked through the way down to Süleymaniye Mosque. As IYA, we’ve hosted our guests in Darüzziyafe Restaurant for lunch and further deepened the ties and engaged in an enthusiastic interaction with the fellows. The main stream of the discussions has tapped into topics such as the daily issues, geo-political affairs, history, economics and so forth.

Close to the end of the program, we have shared our best wishes with the fellows and ended up with exchanging our contacts. A picture in memory of this warm meeting was also taken and the parties bid a farewell to each other. Everyone was smiling while we’re wandering around the shuttle and that was one of the most remarkable moment for all of us…

From up left: Sean Flannery, Yamazaki Kazuyuki, Mehmet Fatih Ekis, Bodo Liesenfeld, Yusuf Özhan, Kathleen Molony, Esra Özdil, Yao Yunzhu, Sevinç Özçelik
From down left: Zeyd Böhürler, İbrahim Sayar, Bünyamin Topuz,

Lei Huijan

İbrahim Sayar, President of Boston Turkish Culture Center.
Bodo Liesenfeld, Fellow. President and Partner, Liesenfeld International GmbH.
Kathleen Molony, Director, Fellows Program; Executive Committee.
Sean Flannery, Fellow. Co-founder, Harrison Fiduciary Group, and Senior Economic Advisor, Division of Global Health and Human Rights, Massachusetts General Hospital.
Yao Yunzhu, Fellow. Senior Colonel and Senior Research Fellow, Department of World Military Studies, Academy of Military Science, People’s Liberation Army, China.
Yamazaki Kazuyuki, Fellow. Diplomat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Former Executive Assistant to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs, Tokyo, Japan.
Lei Huajian, CEO Bussinessman




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