IMM Youth Assembly

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Youth Assembly (IYA) was established on the 19th of May 2005. Its foundation IYA has been a meeting point for young individuals from many different sections of the city. The IYA officially has more than 1000volunteers, each with the initiative and immaculate effort the beloved young whose heart’s burn with love for Istanbul.

We have accomplished many hard-hitting projects for the youth with more in progress. Turkey’s voluntary youth population is an exemplary force that will start a chain reaction in other countries and their schools.

Some of the international projects that we have pursued so far:

  • Consulate visits in Istanbul.
  • World’s fifth Youth Congress
  • The World Water Forum
  • Turkey’s first “Graffiti Festival”
  • 14th and 15th Anatolian Congress
  • Youth Gathering
  • Istanbul Student Clubs Platform
  • Official guidance for Hessen State Prime Minister and his delegates through their Istanbul visit
  • Visits to the organizations of different groups that we live in peace in Istanbul altogether for many years like Kafkas, Arab, Armenian, Saurian, Jews, Balkan, Rum and Turkish Republic communities.
  • Various projects that we hold to analyze and understand the changing process in the Arab World.

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