Istanbul Youth Assembly Paid a Visit to the Consulates of Switzerland and Egypt

28 04 2010

Istanbul Youth Assembly Foreign Affairs Comission continue meetings with the Consulates. Last week the Consulates of Switzerland and Egypt were visited. The Consul General of Egypt Mrs. Iman Mostafa and the Consul General of Switzerland Mr. Ernst Balzli extended indeed hospitality to us. Introduction of the Assembly and the projects of the Comission created deep interest to our works. We asserted the importance of meeting and sustainable coordination with their youth organizations and they answered that they will glad to asist us with our projects and any organization. Mrs Mostafa presented the first book for our “Library of Civilizations Project”, the book is about history of Islamic arts and Mr Balzli presented many introductory documents and dvds of Switzerland in such languages. After denoting our appreciation for their hosting, we agreed to keep in touch, the meetings ended with the wishes of meeting again soon.


UK Consulate Meeting

15 04 2010

In 15 April 2010, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Youth Assembly, the Commission of the Foreign Affairs has met with UK Consul General Jessica Hand. In the meeting of UK Consulate, the chairman of the Commission Zeyd Böhürler, the divan member Ahmet Safa Develioğlu and the commission member Sevinç Özçelik have joined. During the meeting, the members gave information about the Assembly and also talked about the current projects that the commission has focused on. The UK Consul General has listened to the Assembly and the projects with a great excitement. Ms. Hand had offered some new ideas about the projects especially about restoration and the protection of history. At the end, she wished everything best for the Commission of the Foreign Affairs. The members promised to visit General Consul again with new projects in order to make them with the support of UK Consulate.

Consulate Meetings

15 04 2010

İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Youth Assembly, the Commission of the Foreign Affairs has communicated with the consulates and has met with Consuls General. The appointments have been taking place. The aim of the meetings is to give information about the Youth Assemly, the projects done and the projects that are continuing on. On the other hand, the Commission gets information about their (countries whose Consulates visited) cultures and about the youth organizations in Consuls own countries. Thus, the Commission wants to generate an infrastructure in order to arrange new projects together with different youth from different countries. Until 15 April 2010, Commission of the Foreign Affairs have met with Germany, USA, Austria, Belgium, France, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Macedonia, Russia Consulates. Wait for the next Consulate meetings.