IYA met with fellows from the Balkans’ youth

9 05 2010

Istanbul Youth Assembly had organized a breakfast with the participation of representatives of Gaye Foundation, a Balkan students’ association, in May 9. The breakfast had started with the information given to Gaye Foundation members about the assembly and the commission. The members of Istanbul Youth Assembly had stated the importance of the breakfasts organized under the name of “Breakfasts of Fellowship”. Then, Bünyamin Gezer, the head of public relation of Gaye Foundation, had referred to the importance of such breakfast and gave information about Gaye Foundation. Thebreakfast continued with the mutual questions and answers. Then, the breakfast was completed with photo taking and gift giving.


IYA hosted Syriac Youth 4th Fellowship Breakfast

24 04 2010

Istanbul Youth Assembly, Commission of Foreign Affairs organized a breakfast with the participation of the representatives of Syriac Associations and the members of the Commission of Foreign Affairs at Florya Social Facilities in April 24, 2010. İlhan Güzeliş as the official representative and regional chairmans with their members attended the breakfast. After the opening speech of the chairman of the Commission of the Foreign Affairs, Zeyd Böhürler, council member Ahmet Safa Develioğlu made a speech about the Youth Assembly and its completed and on-going projects. Purpose of this breakfast was explained. Then, commission member İrem Cansu Yıldız made a presentation about the history and aims of the Youth Council andCommission of Foreign Affairs. After the speeches and presentations, the breakfast started. Syriac Association Board Member İlhan Güzeliş explained his happiness with the breakfast and gave information about Syriac Association. The breakfast continued with the mutual questions and answers. Participants discussed about how to reach a better collaboration. The two parties expressed their willingness to be in contact. Then, the breakfast was completed with photo taking and gifts of IYA.

Istanbul Youth Assembly meets with Armenian Youth

10 04 2010

As the 3rd of Fellowship Breakfasts according to Fellowship Meetings Program of IYA(Istanbul Youth Assembly) Foreign Affairs Commission was held 10th April in Zeytinburnu social facilities. Participants from Armenian Patriarch’s youth commission and Dear V.Rev.Fr. Tatoul Anoushin from Patriarch joined our breakfast.

While we are waiting for guests, we had a conversation with dear Tatoul. At 11:00 the breakfast began with Istanbul Youth Assembly’s presentation. Just after presentation Foreign Affairs’s Chairman had a speech about purpose of these breakfasts. Then questions were answered about IYA. Jerry Şadyan, chairman of the youth commission of the Patriarch explained about their structure and future visions. During the breakfast a warm conversation had gone. As IYA, we explained our on-going and future’s projects. We discussed about how we can interact with each other, today’s student problems and social issues. Breakfast had gone approximately 1,5 hours.

Finally we took a photo together, to keep this warm meeting in mind. Our gift bags have given to our guests while we were serving our best wishes to each other. We invited all youth commission of Patriarch to Istanbul Youth Assembly.

IYA meeting with the Turkish States’s and African Students

3 04 2010

In 3rd April 2010, Istanbul Youth Assembly (IYA) , Commission of Foreign Affairs  came together at the breakfast in Municipality’s Presidency building with our Turkish and African friends who live and study in Istanbul . This was 2nd Fellowship Breakfast of our Fellowship Meetings program.

At the breakfast, Muğla Representative and Member of Turkish Parliament Yüksel Özden, the President of Bab-I Alem Association Mr. Veysel Başar, the President of Youth Assembly Muzaffer Demir and the members of the commission assembled. Firstly Muzaffer Demir had a greeting speech ,then a short presentation of IYA has been made by members of Foreign Affairs Commission. While all participants were having their breakfast, our projects and other on-going issues of our commission were introduced. After breakfast, Mr. Özden and Mr. Başar made speechs. The mentioned titles were the importance of Turkey, globalization and the need of the world for our values of civilization.

It was midday when the meeting has ended with warm regards. IYA’s gifts to guests have been given by IYA members. Both participants wished a continuing collaboration while leaving.

It is an important indication for our guests introducing themselves, for us introducing ourselves, coming all together for a common purpose and for the establishment of closed relationship among the youth assembly and the youth who belong to the same nation.

Foreign Affairs Breakfast with Kafkas NGOs

13 03 2010

In 13 March 2010 Istanbul Youth Assembly hosted Kafkas NGOs for a breakfast in Yıldız Parkı . Murat Daudov ,Marmara Municipalities Union Director of EU and International Relations Center, cited the importance of local governments and youth organisations in public diplomacy.

Foreign Affairs and Turism Commision that was created by renewed Istanbul Youth Assembly in 2009, has started hosting different NGOs from various regions. Commision’s first guest were Kafkas Association, Şamil Association, Kafkas Culture Association, Kafkas-Çeçen Culture Association and the representatives of other NGOs.

In the meeting that was planned as a breakfast, guest were informed about the activities of the Youth Assembly and it has been pointed out that works of NGOs related to culture and youth is very important.

Representatives of the associations that attended the breakfast has cited that youth actions has a great potential in building strong companionship between publics and countries.

Murat Daoudov has talked about their attempts in the area of international relationships and local diplomacy of Marmara Municipalities Union and added to his conversation that activities of the union from Middle East to the Balkans, from Blacksea To Mediterranean has a great contribution to the international politics of Turkey because of the fact that local governments has a big impact on the public stemming from the close relations. He has also cited that youth organisations have a similar potential and expressed his wishes that partnership of municipalities and youth organisations would increase due to the fact that it is  very important for the success in the international arena.

First Meeting for Frendship Meals

12 03 2010