Interdisciplinary Partnership Program

Istanbul Youth Assembly Foreign Affairs commission supports individuals who are interested in interdisciplinary academic work.
Due to the feedback we’ve received until today, from many young individuals, a new field of volunteer work is being opened. We would like to encourage any kind of interdisciplinary work initiated by young individuals, and anyone who is interested in academic work. Through this program we will provide a chance for young researchers to go further with their field of study.
Our aim is to work through projects rather than individuals. If you have a realistic, reasonable project, we strongly recommend you to apply. We encourage each participant to focus on their own area within a part of a whole project which will bring the opportunity to provide professional work for achieving the aim and the nature of interdisciplinary study; therefore team projects are strongly preferred and supported.
There is a wide range of opportunities that we can arrange for you. If you are alone with your project, in order to initiate your process, we can help you to find partners appropriate for your research area. For regular meetings, places are available for the participants of the program. Also, if you have a challenging meeting, Foreign Affairs can arrange municipality facilities for a formal meeting; and many more.
To strengthen your project, you will be able to get in touch with universities, official departments, and fellowship programs within an international scale. Some of the institutions or programs that we currently  have an affiliation with are as follows:
– Harvard WCFIA fellowship program
– Columbia University
– Alliance of Civilizations
– Consulates of USA, Germany, Austria, Iran.
– Islamic University of Malaysia

  1. SOP

Firstly, you are expected to write a Statement of Purpose for your project that includes your intention, encouragement of the research topic you have planned, and the information about general content of the research.  IYA is committed to protecting your privacy with all the information and documents you provide. Progress follows: Our committee makes an assessment and provides  a critical response as to whether your project is acceptable or not. After the evaluation of the committee, you can strengthen your project and resend it. If your project is approved, we will invite you for an interview.

  1. Initial Process

If you could not team up, we can help you to find project partners with the same interests. After the team is completed, the next step is to schedule an agenda and path for the project.

  1. Revision process

You may have chance to arrange meetings through IYA with people who have academic proficiency or have specialized in your area of study. So you can discuss your project with professionals to go into detail and make further improvements.

  1. Committee meetings

You are expected to provide regular reports, updates and reviews to show the progress of  the project, during the meetings scheduled before. Up to this point, if your attention on the project is found to be insufficient, committee holds the right to withdraw the support for your project.

  1. Post – Completion of the Project

After you successfully finalize your research, we will provide you contacts in institutions appropriate to your work so you will have the opportunity to propose partnership for your project with the support and in the name of Istanbul Youth Assembly.

  1. Implementation

The implementation process will be handled by the partners and Istanbul Youth Assembly on behalf of you and your team. The role of IYA is only provide you the platform and the contacts to develop your project and stands as your solution partner through the process. It does not come out that you have transferred the ownership of the research to IYA. You keep the rights to hold your project, change it in further processes or release. But IYA may ask for a reference statement showing that the project is empowered by IYA in case the work is released in other platforms.
– Individuals aged between 18-26
– Regular Students (including Master students)
– If you are interested in international projects, qualification or proof of foreign language proficiency
You can send your SOPs in pdf format to the e-mail addresses below:

Zeyd Böhürler
Member of the IYA Executive Board

Sample 1
Determining a topic of project within the sociology studies, let’s say in Turkey, focuses on minority groups.
First of all, data needs to be collected from wide variety of sources, and key questions like; what is the range of the x minority groups in turkey, what is their background, what is the percentage of their population in Turkey, what researches have been done on that minority group and etc.
need to be answered. Secondly, you’ll talk to as many people as possible from that minority groups in order to get an inside story and understand the dynamics of the groups. Thus, consult with many academicians and researchers.
You will also need to determine problems such as:
Two sides may exist; community might not be able to adapt to their neighborhood due to language, culture and religion etc.
The minority group might be having difficulties by earning money. This can force them into illegal earnings.
As a solution output for corresponding projects; an association belonging to that minority group, can be initialized in order to bring them into interaction with their neighborhood and other minority groups. This way, they will be able to express their problems. Moreover, this will lead them into not feeling alone. Hence, a bridge between minority groups and community will be initialized.

Sample 2
Assume that your subject is “efficient use of workforce in Turkey by considering seasonal immigration”. This is an engineering and applied science task. Additionally, we will need some statistical values. These kind of researches need interpretation on the outputs. Thus we can add some sociological data for interpreting and commenting on the outputs. This interdisciplinary work is a considerable project. Hence, Youth Assembly can provide you contacts with Ministry of Economy, Sorbonne University, and Statistical Institute of Turkish Republic.

Sample 3
Consider a project with a theme of “Environmental Effects of Extinction of Bird Variety in Mediterranean Region”. It can be claimed that the main fields of research are Zoology, Ecology, and Environmental Engineering. Also regarding to approach, we can add/drop these fields and some particular studies. Universities, Research Institutes and Government Institutes are appropriate sources and partners for this research. Also, there are more opportunities like National Geographic. These initial contacts will be helpful for implementing your project.


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